Property Sale

What Services are Included

The precise work and stages involved in the purchase of a residential property vary according to the circumstances and typically include:

  • obtaining the Title Deeds and checking them thoroughly;
  • preparing the draft Contract;
  • deducing title either by way of Epitome or by obtaining Office Copies of your Title from the Land Registry;
  • providing assistance, if necessary, in completing the Seller’s Information and Fixtures and Fittings forms;
  • dealing with pre-contract raised by the Buyer;
  • securing your signature to the Contract and Transfer Deed;
  • exchanging Contracts with the Buyer’s solicitor;
  • obtaining redemption figures and instructions on the discharge of a Mortgage affecting the property; preparing a completion statement in readiness for completion.
  • ensuring all monies due are received on the completion date;
  • delivering the Transfer Deed and other documents to the Buyer;
  • attending to the discharge of your Mortgage and Estate Agents’ invoice (if any)


1Money Laundering and ID Checks£4.80
2Bank Charge£4.80
3Office CopiesTitle: £3, Plan: £3